Functional Health

Functional health is not diagnosing and curing of a disease, but the promotion of wellness to maintain the body’s harmony and balance to promote health and wellness.

Functional health therefore, is looking for imbalances before they become disease conditions, and correcting them using weight reduction, lifestyle changes, nutrients that support targeted deficiencies and a healthy diet.

As diet plays such an important role in the body being able to properly function, it is crucial that people wean off the Standard American Diet.

Learning how to have better food habits to maintain healthy weight and body composition to promote health and become preventative, is perhaps the single most important step Americans can take to maintain wellness.

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To bring balance to bodily function and promote functional health, specially trained healthcare practitioners evaluate the symptoms people are experiencing across 15 key functional health conditions.

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These symptoms are the body’s way of communicating problems being experienced that prevents certain organs from effectively functioning.

Certain symptoms and conditions are ubiquitous such as constipation, sleep problems, flus and colds, anxiety, focus and healthy digestion.

Most Americans are quick to use over the counter medication for these kinds of problems that many times do not work effectively and can induce serious side-effects that create other problems needing more medication.

Fortunately, nature offers better solutions without any dangerous side effects and weaning off the use of lifestyle induced over the counter medication is crucial to allow a healthy functional body.

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Unfortunately, most Americans learn their food habits by watching TV, eating fast and processed food and not understanding the impact a lack of nutrients, excessive sugar and carbohydrates have on their body.

Similarly, our high tech lifestyle and toxic environment affects us in untold ways that ultimately can bring about functional imbalances.

Consequently, ensuring we understand the importance of having a clean and non-toxic home and business environment becomes crucial in maintaining health, and wellness.

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One of the most understated factors needed to promote prevention and wellness is to have healthy circulation.

Unfortunately, our body’s micro-capillary circulation over time slows down, and this can undermine the removal of toxins, the body’s white cells’ ability to fight off pathogens, and the delivery of key nutrients, such as oxygen.

Consequently, helping the body to have optimal circulation is crucial.

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Finally, we all know how important exercise is to maintaining optimum weight, blood sugar and ideal body composition.

However, there are so many exercise options it is important for people to have an understanding of what exercise patterns will promote functional health that also accelerates the body’s ability to achieve its wellness goals.

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Many Americans go to health spas for massage and relaxation. However, their time can be better spent to include in their experience activities that include space age relaxation, increased oxygen flow to the brain, removal of toxins and bio-feedback to overcome unhealthy behavior.

Our Functional Healthcare Practitioners who also offer our Functional Health Spa program incorporate a mired of technologies and activities to promote health, wellness and prevention.

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