Functional Gym Partners

Offering a Fitness Environment to Advance Functional Health

These are fitness centers that partner with a local Functional Health Practitioner to help their members become preventative with their health while promoting wellness.

These centers also partner with our Functional Health Practitioners to offer local companies corporate wellness programs and healthy vending machines.

The corporate wellness programs are tailored to addresses the unique health challenges of the company’s employees, and their fitness needs.

Our FUNCTIONAL GYM PARTNERS are also able to stage our Prevention & Wellness Open House (PWOH) concept at their facilities where everyone in attendance is tested across several wellness markers. They are shown our “Greatest Gift of Health” video presentation that explains how people can take control of their health and become preventative. Thereafter, our specially trained Functional Health Practitioner is consulted on the wellness tests performed at the event, so that a tailored Health Recovery Plan can be offered to address the employee’s unique issues.

These PWOH events are staged under the banner of the FUN MOVEMNENT, a grassroots activity of the Diabetes Prevention Institute to address the diabetes pandemic that can attract PR from local media groups such TV, cable, radio and print to show case the fitness center’s involvement to educate people on the importance of preventing and reversing type II diabetes.