Functional Diet

A Functional Diet is one where real food is being consumed. This means it does NOT come from a can or a box. Optimally, a breakfast, lunch and dinner is eaten with each meal having a heathy carb and protein. This diet should become a lifestyle change for people, versus a diet that starts and stops.

Most Americans have unhealthy food habits, which is why 75% of Americans are obese, overweight, pre-diabetic, type II diabetic or on lifestyle induced medication.

The TRANSFORMATIONS®-360 Program is such a diet, with the added component of being elimination and ketogenic diet to ensure food intolerances and allergies can be pinpointed, and any weight loss is fat loss, versus the loss of muscle mass. The consequence of people losing fat is to lose a significant amount of inches, especially around the abdomen.

In fact, in a 10 week clinical study with over 50 patients, the typical average outcomes for 5 key wellness markers, for people who went on the TRANSFORMATIONS®-360 diet without the use of any therapies or targeted supplements to address nutritional deficiencies were:

Study Results





41points Fasting
Blood Sugar