Functional Evaluation

The body communicates imbalances via symptoms. In fact, each organ such as the liver, thyroid, gallbladder etc. will have its own unique set of symptoms that can be measured via an online symptoms questionnaire we call WICO®.

By completing this comprehensive analysis of the body’s symptoms, people are given their personal WICO® Score that matches the FICO® Credit Score numbers. (Over 800 are good and as it goes down it becomes worse).

By having a WICO certified practitioner evaluate the 15 key functional health conditions that show up on the WICO® Graph, the practitioner can offer a health Recovery Plan to address nutritional deficiencies before they become chronic and serious, and pinpoint food intolerances.

When WICO® is used in collaboration with the TRANSFORMATIONS®-360 diet, the root cause of symptoms can be pinpointed.

Furthermore, your WICO Score® could also pinpoint why you can’t lose weight, or keep it off.