Let me ask you this: Have you ever wondered how kids can sleep peacefully through even the loudest noises, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or a blaring car horn?

It’s because children have healthy levels of melatonin, a key hormone that doesn’t just regulate your sleep cycles – it COMMANDS your body to sleep.

You see, your body operates on a natural sleep clock or “circadian rhythm.” And it’s all controlled by your SCM nucleus… your body’s natural snooze switch.

Every night, your SCM nucleus tells your brain to release melatonin and send you off to dreamland. But here’s the kicker: By the time you hit 60, you’re only producing HALF as much melatonin as you used to.

The next thing you know, you’re staring at the clock…watching the minutes and hours tick by.

The bottom line is… If your SCM nucleus doesn’t have the melatonin it needs to do its job, you’re not going to sleep – at least not for long.

It’s that simple. Your body’s natural snooze switch is CRYING OUT for help.

You see, if you deliver melatonin right to your brain, it jumpstarts and supports your snooze switch. It helps your SCM nucleus send a message throughout your body… from head to toe… that it’s time for the deepest, most peaceful sleep you’ve had in years.

Without melatonin you simply can’t… and won’t… get a full night’s sleep. And once your body’s snooze switch is flipped, you stay asleep.

But before you rush out to buy some melatonin, hold those horses! You’d be making a big mistake. You see, melatonin by itself simply is not enough. You’d only be getting half of what you really need…

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Now, finally, you could safely and naturally…

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