Stephanie Mancuso D.C.

Dr. Stephanie Mancuso, D.C. practices at “Living in Line” located in Phoenix, Az. Her years in athletics motivated her to study Nutrition and Dietetics in College and Graduate School and then went on to became a Registered Dietitian in the intensive and critical care clinical settings. After a few years of working in hospitals and trauma centers, she became very disillusioned with the “outside-in” traditional health care system and decided to do something more pro-active and preventative. She believes ”There is always an advantage to adversity” and it was a car accident that began her journey to explore wholism, vitalism, and subsequently Chiropractic school where she discovered her passion for really making a difference in the healing of the world! She went on to attend Life University in Marietta, Georgia and graduated with honors in 1998 and after graduation, moved to Arizona to join her brother in practice in Mesa and Scottsdale. In 2003 she expanded her mission to serving clients from all over the world, both “nutritionally and chiropractically”. Her greatest mission is to shift the consciousness of the world from a disease care model to a health care model and to enhance thousands of lives in the process.