Introducing the Alpha-Stim

For Depression, Anxiety, Pain & Sleep (One for All)


If you’re feeling depressed, it can be hard to believe that there’s hope in sight. When depression makes you lose interest in spending time with people and doing things you enjoy, you need a safe depression treatment solution that can break you out of the darkness, and get you back into the swing of life.


If you’re struggling with anxiety, it may be hard to recall the last time you weren’t feeling tense, worried, or on edge. Anxiety can cause sudden panic attacks, may interfere with your personal or professional responsibilities, and is often tied to depression. When you feel overwhelmed, you need a fast and safe solution for anxiety treatment without medication that can help you regain your confidence and zest for life.


When you’re suffering from pain, you want to know only one thing: when will it end? Pain can come from many sources and in varying degrees, but no matter the source or severity, you need quick and long-lasting relief to get you back to the activities you enjoy.


When is the last time you got a good night’s sleep? If insomnia keeps you up all night, leaving you feeling tired, irritable, and in a fog during the day, you need a fast, safe solution for insomnia treatment to give you longer, more restful sleep.

The Alpha-Stim is a small device that uses Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) to alleviate depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia without any side effects or dependency.

The technology is based on an exclusive patented waveform that’s the most researched and proven of its kind in CES devices for all of the above conditions. The waveform passes between two electrodes that you clip on to your earlobes, providing treatment without the use of medication by sending a signal to your brain that can help with depression, pain, anxiety and sleep.


    After 5 weeks of treatment with Alpha-Stim CES, participants reported an average of 94% decrease in anxiety.


    Using Alpha-Stim CES therapy during procedures, dental patients reported an average of 61% less anxiety.


    After only 5 Alpha-Stim insomnia treatments, military service members with insomnia reported an increase of 43 minutes of sleep.


    The number of subjects rating
    their quality of sleep as poor dropped from 60% at the beginning of the study to 5%.2

MD Anderson Study Proves Alpha-Stim Effectively Treats Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression in Advanced Cancer Patients.

The study found that advanced cancer patients who used Alpha-Stim saw significant improvement of pain, anxiety, depression and sleep.