Digestion and Bloating

According to the National Institute of Diabetes, between 60-70 million people in the US experience some form of digestive disease, costing over $150 billion dollars for treatment annually.

People are looking for relief from uncomfortable symptoms that compromise their quality of life every day. But many haven’t received answers from their doctor and are looking for alternatives, other than medication to help ease their discomfort.

But digestive dysfunction impacts far more than just the stomach and intestines. Because of this, people may also be experiencing symptoms that seem unrelated to digestion such as headaches, fatigue, depression and anxiety, muscle and joint pain and skin rashes.

The dilemma that many practitioners face is that they end up guessing at what may be causing their client’s digestive distress. For example, a patient may have several digestive symptoms, and an elimination diet is recommended to remove the top food allergens that cause problems, such as grains, dairy, eggs, shellfish, nuts and soy. But digestive symptoms may not go away due to a food that was not eliminated, or it may not be a food intolerance at all, but some other cause for their digestive complaints.

How do you stop the guessing game and get results?

There are several tests that can be administered that can give a definitive clue as to where digestive dysfunction is occurring. These tests can help determine if there is a food intolerance, a bacterial overgrowth, poor protein digestion, or parasites and more.

Your Functional Health Network practitioner can decide which tests would be most appropriate for your symptoms.

The ability to administer and interpret functional lab tests gives a practitioner a powerful tool that allows for better outcomes and faster results. However, before these-time consuming and at times expensive tests are performed, many will try natural products to see if they can help with their digestion challenges.

Our “first line therapy” for a digestion dysfunction, before more expensive and complex options are taken, is to use a proprietary all-natural herbal formula that has shown the greatest results for most people who have used them.

You can now try it risk free , because if you are not 100 satisfied, after just 3 days of use, you can return the remaining capsules for a full refund.