Constipation & Bowel Movement

When people are constipated, their colons become plugged up with old, rotting waste material. What is worse, is how this becomes a nasty breeding ground for dangerous bacteria!

Autopsy reports even show that the longer the waste stays in your colon, the more toxic it becomes. These poisonous toxins leak out of your colon through tiny blood vessels and poison the rest of your organs.

Your colon’s main job is to squeeze water and nutrients out of your food as it’s digested to keep your body hydrated and provide nourishment. When you don’t drink enough water, the food inside your colon dries out too much and gets squeezed into tiny balls of fecal matter. Your colon packs it down so hard that these tiny balls become too hard to pass…and you become constipated! And when you do go – it’s like trying to pass boulders.

That’s when your real trouble starts, because when your colon becomes overloaded, that rotting fecal matter has to go somewhere!

Food goes through your stomach and enters your small intestines as a semi-liquid mixture of undigested food, fiber, enzymes, and things your body can’t use, which turn into waste. This mixture is called chyme (pronounced “kime”). It’s moved through your intestines by muscle contractions called peristalsis.

Normal peristalsis happens only if you have enough thick, voluminous chyme to trigger your colon muscles to push the waste materials along toward your rectum and out your anus.

There’s less and less volume in your intestines to stimulate the muscles so your natural peristalsis motion that moves out the poop at a normal rate now slows down to a crawl!

How your stool gets crusty, hard

Now working at a slow crawl, your colon struggles daily to keep on doing its job. It moves your chyme through super slowly and only gets a little fecal matter out of your body at a time. That’s because the longer the chyme stays in your colon, the more dried-out and rock-hard your poop gets! It’s like a big truck getting stuck in the mud: it just sits there, unable to move backwards or forwards.

Even worse, these fecal “rocks” make your colon walls rigid, make your stomach stick out, and stop your nutrients from being absorbed. The longer they stay in there, the more of this toxic mess leaks out into the rest of your body, making you feel weak, sluggish and exhausted every morning.

Now let’s be clear here:

When your colon gets to this backed-up state, adding an apple or a bowl of bran cereal to your diet is not going to do the job! To detoxify and purify your colon and your whole body, after years of neglect, you need to bring in the big guns:

A harsh stimulant laxative relieves constipation only temporarily…but what is needed are key nutrients that helps your colon walls get healthy, so your natural peristalsis can start up again and keep on working!

Ultimate Noni, is a total detoxifying and purifying remedy that really works…
the first time you take it!

Ultimate Noni is considered safe for long-term use.

Ultimate Noni is different. It’s not harsh and it’s designed to cleanse for life – not just for a week or two.

Most people only need one or two a day. But you can safely take up to six a day if that’s what you need to get things moving.

And after you’ve got yourself cleaned out, you can cut back to a maintenance dose that’s right for you – and stay on it for as long as needed.