Oxygen Water

Without oxygen, you’d be dead in about 6 minutes. It’s that critical for life.

Yet scientists believe most people are perpetually short of the oxygen they need to enjoy peak health, vitality, and longevity.

Oxygen deficiency has long been linked to disease, going back to Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg in 1931, when he won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells.

He said that in normal cells, the replacement of oxygen respiration with the fermentation of sugar was a cause of cancer… that normal cells meet their energy needs with oxygen, while abnormal ones meet their needs (mostly) by fermentation.

Or – to put a bit more scientifically — normal cells are obligate aerobes, but cancer cells are partial anaerobes.

Is this the hidden cause of your low energy?

Unlike plants, your body needs to “burn” oxygen in every cell in order to produce the energy each organ uses to perform its unique function, from digestion to memory.

Your cells (excluding your red blood cells) each contain from 50 to 5,000 little “power plants” called mitochondria that produce the fuel needed for your cells to function.

They demand oxygen as their raw material, but if they must, they can ferment sugar to produce energy. And they’ll do exactly that in the face of oxygen depletion. They’ll thrive on fermented sugar. Then, because this situation is not optimal, your cells’ energy levels drop. They get tired, fatigued, with nothing left to give.

If you’re low on oxygen (which happens more easily than you might think), your cells go into anaerobic mode, triggering a cascade of negative results. First, it slows your cells’ energy production. That slowdown leads to an aging body and many kinds of illness – including cancer.

So although fermentation lets these cells survive, they no longer function at their best. Instead of performing their regular job or communicating properly with other cells, their “job” becomes to replicate and grow. And that can lead to cancer.

Breathing is not the only way to improve oxygen levels

Most people think of oxygen as a gas. But it can also be found in liquid form.

Researchers at MIT and Stanford University showed that cell oxygenation happens 10 times faster if you drink oxygen instead of breathing it.

The quality and quantity of oxygen absorption into your liver and intestine is 6 times greater when you drink properly oxygenated water than when you breathe it.

The oxygen in the water penetrates the mucous membranes of your stomach and GI tract to reach your tissues.

In a person who suffers from a disease, the mitochondria are often trapped in a perpetual low energy state. The oxygen in the water helps to increase the membrane’s energy potential. It takes a “jolt” to push your low energy levels higher. Once you’re ill, this is not something you can do through drinking regular water or exercising.