Transformation Agents (Reps)

Thank you for your interest in our TRANSFORMATIONS Agent position.

Our mission in life is to help address the healthcare crisis America is facing. We have the programs, products and a national network of specially trained healthcare practitioners to accomplish this huge challenge.

By having an Agent on the ground advancing our initiatives, we can transform the health of the local community, while generating a 6-figure compensation for you.

Our core program, TRANSFORMATIONS-360®, ensures all the key issues Americans need to address to promote wellness for their health is attained.

These issues include people learning how to:

  • Have better food habits to control blood sugar and maintain weight loss for life.
  • Correct functional imbalances, before they become serious conditions.
  • Have their healthcare practitioner address root cause of their symptoms.

Accomplishing the above, is in fact, the only true insurance people can depend on. This is because, in today’s high deductible health insurance climate, everyone is paying out of pocket for their day to day healthcare needs.

Separate from the above, our Circulation-360® program is a bonus to help people become preventative with their health. It is a proprietary and unique program that creates the right environment for cellular recovery.

Our Agent’s Role is

To present to local corporations, fitness centers and churches our promotional materials to interest them to stage our Prevention and Wellness Open House (PWOH), or our Circulation-360 Event at their location.

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that can be sent inviting people to attend these events.
Each can be staged at NO cost to the host party, while providing hundreds of dollars of services for FREE to their people!

The net outcome of the above activities is for those in attendance to sign-up for our TRANSFORMATIONS-360® program or our Circulation-360® sessions. For those executives who need a more comprehensive and neurologically oriented program, our Wellness Lifetime Plan (WLP) can be offered.

Companies that are Self-Funded, Shared Funded or Health Sharing for their health insurance could provide a financial incentive, for their employees to work with our offerings. This is because they will benefit financially, for their employees to become preventative with their health.

The steps needed to connect with these entities, would be taken by us in corporate via LinkedIn, direct sales calls, referrals by practitioners, and direct mail. The Agent’s role is to take our “hot” leads that we provide to meet with the appropriate person and show the details of our offerings and schedule our free events.

The meetings would become an opportunity to explain the NO COST chance to help their people become preventative with their health, while taking advantage of the hundreds of dollars in tests, assessments, presentations and consultation with a specially trained healthcare practitioner who can provide a tailored action plan to address their issues and get to the root cause of their symptoms.

Most corporate wellness programs only offer bio-metric testing and a health coach whose primary job is to motivate employees to act on their own. We feel we have a much more exciting offering by partnering people with a local practitioner who has an integrative, nutrition and functional expertise.

Our proprietary WICO Score® concept is a very effective channel to give companies a “macro sense” of the overall health of their employee population.

Furthermore, as employees become interested in finding out their “FICO® for health”, they begin to understand the importance of wellness, prevention and correcting functional health imbalances before they become disease conditions, which is crucial in today’s healthcare climate.

Separate from the above, the other possibilities are to introduce the population base of these type of entities with our health and wellness products and services, available on our web site located at:

Let us discuss the opportunity further, once you have had a chance to review the above information to explain the potential to generate up to $435,000 in commissions working with us.