About Us

The Functional Health Institute is a national network of specially trained, independent healthcare practitioners who promote prevention, and wellness in their clinic, using functional, integrative and nutritional approaches with their patients.

These practitioners also work with their community of corporations, fitness centers and churches by holding events, such as the proprietary “Prevention & Wellness Open House” that excites, educates and empowers people to take control of their health. This “taking control of their health” is accomplished by having patients learn how to have correct food habits to support healthy blood sugar and body composition, while correcting functional imbalances before they become disease conditions, and ensuring the root cause of symptoms are addressed.

Functional Health Institute practitioners use proprietary programs and products to support the above objectives, and their patients’ health. This includes, using cutting edge lab tests and effective but harmless natural products that support balance and harmony in the body. Using smart phone Apps and online tools designed for our Functional Health Institute practitioner, they are better able to support and communicate with their patients, while offering them “tailored” health recovery plans to address their specific health issues.


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